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Planning Process

Financial Planning

Our Financial Link

Allow our knowledge, attentiveness and enthusiasm to work for you to construct the right financial plan for your future. --- Keith C. Davis, CFP

Financial Planning

Simply defined, is planning the aspects of one’s finances. Just as we plan our tasks for the day or a long-awaited vacation, we should also plan for our financial future. At The Davis Torres Financial Group, through our affiliation with NewEdge Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser, we make financial planning easy and affordable. Our personalized approach, extensive experience and solid market knowledge gives our clients a winning combination for contributing to financial success.

Start Your Plan

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Schedule your appointment with our Certified Financial Planner™. During our introductory meeting, we will get to know you and you will get to know our business philosophy. We want to understand your goals. Through a series of targeted questions, we will learn your past history, your current situation and your future objectives. We will analyze your risk tolerance and develop the most appropriate return expectations. Our computer-generated analysis will guide us through the investment decision-making process.

Implement Your Plan

After we’ve defined your risk tolerance, together we will access the most suitable account types to ensure management with ease. We will attentively research, through our state-of-the-art system, the right financial products and asset allocations for your goals. Upon your agreement, implementation will begin. Your privacy is secure within our group and also within our national firm affiliations.

Manage Your Plan

We will diligently manage your portfolio and will periodically meet with you to identify any changes to your goals or lifestyle. We make ourselves available to the other professionals in your life, such as your CPA and attorney, to coordinate a solid financial plan. Maybe you have additional funds to invest or want to identify ways for more income. We will persevere to make sure you are satisfied with your financial picture. Our strategic alliances with multiple market leaders are seamless to you. We effectively manage and monitor your assets on a continuous basis.

There is no achievement without goals. ---Robert J. McKain